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Regular eye examinations are the best way to maintain optimal vision and eye health. Conditions like Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts and others may be present even if you feel no changes to vision.

At Progressive Eye Center and Boutique, our comprehensive eye examinations involve an in-depth evaluation of your visual acuity and eye health.

Dr. Jarrard utilizes the newest technology in diagnostic and testing equipment and offers the latest in treatments and procedures to maintain your best vision.

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We value your time and aim forĀ convenience.

We know your time is valuable and strive to make your visit as convenient as possible.

Your eyewear prescription is determined based on your specific needs. Our lifestyles and workplaces are more demanding on our eyes than 20 years ago. This means that our approach to eye care must adapt as well. Spending 8-10+ hours a day on devices such as computers, tablets and phones is not an easy task for our eyes and leads to strain, fatigue and headaches.

This modern problem is not unique to any specific age group, although more prevalent over age 40, and can be addressed with lenses from HOYA that are specifically designed to decrease eye strain during screen time.

Optomap retinal imaging.

With the Optomap retinal imaging system, we offer the choice of a no dilation eye exam. (Although in some cases, dilation may still be required.) This saves you the time it takes for dilation to take effect and the side effects that occur for 3 to 4 hours after. It also allows Dr. Jarrard to assess the health of your eyes and provide a baseline image of your retina and optic nerves that can be viewed and compared for years to come.

No need for dilation

Early detection could help save your vision or your life.

Fast, easy and comfortable

A Optos exam gives us a panoramic image of the surface of your retina. We asses the health of your eyes and check for conditions that can threaten vision without warning or symptoms.

Yearly Review Record

The Optos can also help your doctor detect serious health problems unrelated to the eye such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, some cancers and auto immune disorders.